RE/MAX Associates Donate $8.2 Million for CMN Hospitals in 2013!

RE/MAX of Stuart Sarah Pietkivitch

The numbers are in and they’re impressive! RE/MAX Associates in the U.S. and Canada donated $8.2 million to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 2013, and more than $130 million in the 22-year collaboration with CMN Hospitals!
Your generosity means that more than 170 hospitals serving more than 10 million children received support from RE/MAX.

It’s an amazing achievement, and an inspiration to do even more in 2014, so get ready now for the next RE/MAX Month of Miracles in August.

Check out the details on the dedicated Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals page on Mainstreet, and download a pdf to find out how you can get involved.
Visit The Miracle System, the online CMN Hospitals donation-management program for RE/MAX Associates.
Explore marketing materials, sign riders and other merchandise promoting your participation, available online.
When you post Miracle Home riders on your signs, or designate your commercial listings as Miracle Properties, your listings immediately stand out and send the message that you’re committed to helping kids.

Last year, nearly 15,000 RE/MAX listings were marketed as Miracle Home properties! Let’s try to beat that number in 2014.

Do you have a great promotion idea to share with the network? Send it, along with your Month of Miracles plans, to

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